Our Lady of America Farms, Rome IN and Morrow OH

Our Lady of America Farms is an organization whose intention is to defend
dignity through work and defend dignity where human rights are protected
and individual responsibilities given for persons with cognitive and or
developmental disabilities.

The organization and community will seek a life of prayer, simplicity,
service and meaning in life. Everyone will have an opportunity to fulfill
responsibilities that help the common good within the farm and provide
goods to society through various enterprises. The farm will defend dignity
and fundamental rights such as providing food, shelter, employment,
healthcare and educational opportunities.
The farm and organization will need caretakers from society and welcome
families and guardians and volunteers.
All of the people involved will strive to live and work in cooperation,
mutuality, sharing and complimentary relationships seeking to serve God
daily and striving to maintain sustainability within the farm.

The farm community will provide vocational and educational training to the
adult individuals with disabilities in the areas of the farm grounds,
organic aquaponics of fish and vegetables, organic beef and sheep, animal
husbandry and woodworking. Every individual in their freedom will
choose which vocational and enterprise opportunity fits their unique,
individual call and dimension of personhood.

Autism or a disability on the autism spectrum will be the initial
disability that the farm will seek to help. Autism is defended by a certain
set of behaviors and is a “spectrum disorder” that effects individuals to
varying degrees. The farm hopes to develop tasks, duties, and
responsibilities for the autistic individual to do on the farm where
communication and tasks are supervised. The various enterprises will give
the person a opportunity with cattle, the earth and soil, machinery,
building of fences and trade skills such as woodworking to help keep the
farm in operation and produce agriculture to sell to consumers.

Our Lady of America’s Farm, Rome Indiana

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